2nd Annual Turkey Cup – RESULTS

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Captain Jiggy Revels in Team Deucebags Victory

The whiskey and mulled wine flowed, and everyone was getting jiggy with it from all the exhilaration and emotions this annual tradition brings out. This year’s teams were led by Captain Jignesh for the Deucebags and Captain Victor for the “I’d Hit That” team.

Day 1 was filled with all the drama that comes with bragging rights, pride, and bad line calls. The Cup Organizers had hired a professional heckler (PH) for the first time and she did not disappoint. Whistles were called for foot faults, line calls, and toilet seat ready positions. Horrendous lobs and boring backcourt rallies were also called out. Our PH is from Jersey….she whistled the excitement back into the players and spectacular shots were made with diving volleys and amazing gets and ‘tweeners from all the players…well most of the players. Well…ok…only the players under 30. The others did a fine job of communicating “Yours!” and blaming the slippery conditions, lucky net shots, and lights for not running for the ball. In the end, Deucebags were up 2-1 after Day 1.

On Day 2, Team “I’d Hit That” suffered an injury and were set back 2-3. Sam the man was a trooper though and did not take a medical timeout. The tables could have been turned…just saying. And after a well fought last match, Deucebags won the series 4-2. No victor for Captain Victor this year. Next time!

Dirk won the skills (or luck?) challenge of knocking down a can of tennis balls with a serve. (Phew! …. it could have been a loooong night).

Until next year, Team Deucebags own bragging rights as the Turkey Cup Champs 2022 of Fairbrae. Congratulations!

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