And the Winner of the July 4th Chili Cook-off is….

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The Winners!

…Jena & Luke Hohmann. Congratulations to Jena and Luke for winning the 2022 Fairbrae 4th of July Chili Cook-off with their “Hohmann’s HOT House Chili”.  2nd Place went to Daniel & Linda Jankauskas and their “Moroccan Style Chili”.

Thank you to the following members for competing this year, the chili’s were all very delicious and the votes were all very close. 

  • Daniel & Linda Jankauskas
  • Casilda deBenito
  • Jena & Luke Hohmann
  • Joanna Hayes
  • Jeremy Pack
  • Irina Umansky
Chili Chefs!

Thank you to our event set-up volunteers: Katherine Li, Ed Fong, Adam Stephenson & Chris Brotherton-Pleiss and anyone else who may have showed up last minute to help. We can always use set-up volunteers for our large scale events, so please sign up in the future to help, it’s a great way to meet people.