Labor Day Mixed Tennis Tourney, 2022 – RESULTS

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Thank you to all the players who battled through the heat and played the Labor Day Mixed Tennis Tournament. A lot of fun was had by all. Both groups played a shortened format of tournament play due to the extreme heat and number of players.

Hackers Group:

The format was a round-robin: first to 4 games set, no ad, tie-breaker at 3-3 (7 pt.). Kevin and Tran took the 1st place spot with convincing wins to get there. Next time, these 2 hackers will be moved up to the Long-time Hackers group. And hopefully we can get more ladies to sign up next time to “mix” the teams better. Keep up your awesome tennis. Kudos to the ladies of the other mixed teams. Haidee and Katherine came into this tournament having already played in the morning for their USTA teams! Tae-hyung and Katherine took 2nd place. Though the group ended all their matches early, Kevin and Tran were like the energizer bunnies and kept hitting away afterwards until the next Long-time Hackers came out. 1st place took home a bottle of fine wine each. 2nd place came out with some fancy Swiss chocolates.

1st place: Kevin Shen and Tran Dam

2nd place: Katherine Li and Taehyung Cho

Long-time Hackers:

This group was pretty big with 6 teams competing for wine and chocolate prizes. The format was quick and tied in with a little luck in the end. The format was 5 game set (each player serves at least once), no-ad, spin for the serve of 5th game. They played at least 25 games! Again, just like the first group, kudos to the ladies who had USTA matches before the tournament! Reid and Todd tied with Tara and Sharad in the number of winning matches (4 wins each). Once Tara and Sharad came off the court with their last match, the tie was broken with Reid and Todd coming out ahead with a total of 15 games won over Tara and Sharad’s 14 games. IT WAS TIGHT!

1st place: Reid and Todd Myers

2nd place: Tara Maddala and Sharad Santhanam

Congrats to our winners and a big THANKS to all for coming out to battle on such a hot day. I believe everyone enjoyed the tennis in spite of the heat. We are especially grateful for the excellent company to hang out with before, during, and after the tournament. Fun, fun fun!

And, don’t our courts look nice?! Thanks to the BoD and office staff for getting that done this year!

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for the next Tennis Tournament…. the 2nd Annual Men’s TURKEY CUP!!!!! gobble gobble gobble!!!!