Carnival 2023- A HUGE Success!

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Carnival 2023 last weekend, was a huge success thanks to those who helped make the party so special for the children of Fairbrae. As a part-time staff member, I appreciate all of the volunteers who help with all of our special events throughout the year. I could not do it without you! As I always say, “It takes a village,” and every person that helps with each special event, really makes a difference, so, “THANK YOU!”  We are always in need of volunteers for all of our events, so please consider helping next time you see an opportunity in the RSVP app.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers from the Carnival and Sunday Social:

  •  Casilda de Benito, Brynn Hambly (and daughter Hattie), Katherine Quinlan, Silvia Avary Silveira, Andrea Siciliano (and son Allesio).

Thank you to Hana Daron for running our event and to all of our teen volunteers to hosting each of the games. Any teens interested in help ing next year, please email Anne Branch in the office. 

Thank you to Joss B. and Sydney G. also for being our Event Assistants throughout the summer and to our Event Assistants in training, Brendan and Aldric. Great job this summer everyone!