Children’s Holiday Crafting Hour & More- Wed. Dec 9th at 6:30pm

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Calling All Fairbrae Children! It’s Holiday Party time!

Come to our “Fairbrae Holiday Crafting Hour” event on December 9th.  Each participant will be given all the supplies to make a snowman decoration (like the one in the picture) for the holidays. Anne will host the event over Zoom and walk the kids through each step. After we are done making our snowmen, each participant will be asked to showcase a homemade holiday cookie that was made for the event. Parents are encouraged to share their recipe via the Fairbrae Children’s 2020 Holiday Cookie Showcase Recipes document.   No prizes for this event, just a time to show off your snowmen & cookies plus eat the cookies all together during the end of the Zoom. Come join us on Wednesday: Dec 9th at 6:30pm and celebrate the holidays.

Sign up for the event here!  Happy Holidays!