Fairbrae Table Reservations

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How The Table Reservation System Will Work:

Reservations for Picnic Benches & Round Tables

Club will provide 7 separate & numbered picnic benches/ round tables on the main clubhouse deck in addition to 2 round tables on the tennis deck for members of same household use. All round tables will have 6 chairs provided around each. Picnic benches have fixed seating for 6. All tables are socially distanced at 6 ft apart with a max # of 6 per table/bench. Please do not move the tables and chairs.

  • Table reservations are for same household members only at this time, with a maximum of 6 per table. We will re-evaluate this policy two weeks after spring break vacation ends.
  • Limit one reservation per family per week to start, we will re-evaluate at a later date to increase frequency of visits.
  • Reservations will start on the 30 min (to reduce traffic with swim). The SuperSaas reservation will be available for 50 mins with a maximum of 110 mins. Members will need to keep track of time and allow 5-10 mins for cleanup and departure.
  • Reservations can be made 7 days in advance.
  • Masks are required when entering and exiting the club.
  • Food & Drink are allowed as long as members are enjoying them responsibly.
  • No guests allowed at this time.

Reminders to help make your stay more pleasant

  • Use the restroom prior to arrival at the club, space is limited in the restroom.
  • Read Instruction Sheet provided at each table before use.
  • Bring your own tablecloth, be sure to know what type of table you are reserving: picnic bench or round to ensure you have the correct size cover.
  • Sanitization supplies will be available for cleanup, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies.
  • Water stations are available for filling water bottles, but water fountains are not to be used.
  • Umbrellas are available for use, just clean the handle, if touched.
  • BBQ’s will not be available at this time.
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer (available in the restroom, at the front door and at the sanitary station).
  • Those who do not follow the rules provided will be noted in the office. Multiple violations may result in table reservation privileges being suspended for a time period. *See Table Violation Steps below.
  • Please follow all club rules and respect staff at all times. This will allow Fairbrae to continue to be open and have access to the tables, pool and tennis courts.
  • We hope to open up more amenities as restrictions are lifted by the county and state.

Sanitary Station

The club will provide a location where members may go to get cleaning products to use prior to departing from their tables. Paper towels, sanitizer spray bottles and hand sanitizer will be available at the station located under the kitchen window. Members are welcome to use their own safe & sanitary cleaning supplies brought from home. Staff will check supplies daily to ensure there are enough supplies.

The Chat Zone

The club will provide a “Chat Zone” on the four square cement area on the basketball court where members can gather safely to chat 6 feet away from each other. We ask that you use this space for a maximum of 20 mins so others may enjoy the space. Sections will be set up with markers to allow for social distancing requirements. 

*Those Who Violate The Rules Will Be Dealt With Quickly and Professionally

Reservation Policy Is Subject To Change

At any point, the policies and schedule for table reservations may change based on county and state requirements in addition to the needs of the club. Special events hosted by the club may also override the schedule once the club amenities open up.