Hosting Guests at the Club

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Fairbrae Members,
We hope you are enjoying the change of seasons. One of the benefits of Fairbrae Membership is hosting Guests at the club. We remind you that your Guests must be registered “at the time of admission to the Club,” as written in our Bylaws. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that happens, and the Member takes responsibility for their Guests following the Rules and otherwise demonstrating good conduct.
Anyone with a smartphone can easily register their Guests using the QR code near the club entrance or via the Fairbrae website.
As you are probably aware, we do invite non-Members into the Club for some activities that are essentially rentals of the Club space to the community (eg SUNN swim practice, swim lessons, Manta Rays, etc.). In all of these cases, the Board has set the same written expectations with these Visitors: Club Rules shall be followed and otherwise good conduct is expected.
Warm wishes for a Happy Holiday season.
-Fairbrae BoD