Racquet News – September

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Calling all beginners and first time tennis players! 

Lessons are now starting up at Fairbrae based on instructor availability for members only at this time.

If you are interested, please contact one of our Tennis Fairbrae instructors to schedule a lesson. You can find them on our website in the Racquet page under Instructor Bios. Please be patient as schedules are still settling in for the coaches and their families. You can contact them directly or use racquet@fairbrae.com to get connected to an available instructor.

Guest registration and reservations

Thank you for listing your guest on the tennis reservations you make and having your guests register using our online Guest Registration system. Please have them continue to do this when they visit Fairbrae as this is a requirement of the county for contact tracing purposes due to COVID-19. The online registration is good for 2 weeks, then a guest must register again if they make another visit after 2 weeks of a registration. Guest fee is $3 per guest and they must be escorted by a member.

If you need to modify guests on your tennis reservation, you can do so by clicking on your upcoming reservation and pressing the light blue form icon at the bottom right corner of your reservation window. Don’t forget to press the Update Reservation button as well.

Please be courteous and delete your reservation if you are unable to make it so others may get a chance to play.

Tennis Events

Men’s Night has started and you can sign up for this weekly event in the Tennis Events Schedule . Note that Men’s Night is moved up to a start time of 8:00pm on Wednesdays to better accommodate work demands during this time. A regular Ladies Afternoon tennis will be scheduled in the near future. More information on that coming soon! 

Cardio Tennis is a group activity for adults that combines tennis with a fun, high-energy cardiovascular workout.  This class will get your heart rate pumping, burn calories, improve your fitness, and improve your overall game!  Classes are one hour.  Meet on tennis court.  All levels welcome.  Sign up for our new event Cardio Tennis with Coach Lynn at noon on Fridays! You can sign up for this also in Tennis Events Schedule or send an email to racquet@fairbrae.com and we can sign you up or give you more info.

If you have any feedback regarding tennis, please email racquet@fairbrae.com .