The Fairbrae clubhouse & outdoor space is available to rent for events/parties. Renting our facilities is available to members only.

Lifeguards are available for hire seasonally ($25.00 per lifeguard per hour) for outdoor pool parties based on availability.

For ALL rentals, please check the Special Events Calendar before completing the Member Facility Request from below.

For clubhouse rentals, please check the Clubhouse Availability calendar before completing the Member Facility Request form below.

For outdoor party rentals, please check the Outdoor/Pool Availability before completing the Member Facility Request form below.

Any group of more than ten people (members, non members, children and adults are all included) must agree to the Outdoor Party Agreement and have the event approved by the Board or Club Manager at least one week in advance of the event.

Outdoor parties are limited to at most 40 people (again, members, non-members, children and adults are all included). Multiple parties may be scheduled on the same day as long as there are not more than 40 people scheduled for Outdoor Parties at any given time.

Please see agreements below for more details on each specific rental option.

Interested in a rental? Fill out the  Facility Rental Request Form below to request your date today. Your request will be reviewed and a response email will be sent to you within 2-4 business days.

Any questions, please send an email to