SwingVision for Tennis

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Facility Update 11/24/20 | New Video Analysis Technology Partner!

Hello Fairbrae Tennis Players!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with SwingVision, a cutting edge mobile app, that will enhance the tennis experience at Fairbrae Swim & Racquet Club.

SwingVision uses artificial intelligence to analyze your video in real-time on just a single smartphone camera. Built by A.I. experts from Tesla and Apple and backed by investors Andy Roddick and James Blake, SwingVision is the best way to track, share & improve your game.

Analyze your shot speed, placement, and performance trends; view your footage without any dead-time, and create video highlights of your best rallies, just like the pros.

To enhance the app experience, both courts at Fairbrae are now equipped with phone mounts that make it easy for you to set up your recording – simply slide in your phone to get started.

Here’s a small snippet of a video of Coach Yvonne practicing her crosscourt backhands. 4 balls in the net for this session!