Fairbrae’s 1st annual Men’s Tennis Turkey Cup is a team-based competition, similar to the Laver Cup.

WHEN: The usual Men’s Night on Tuesday and Wednesday, after Thanksgiving Break.

Yes, there will be prizes, but more importantly, there will be bragging rights lasting a whole year until the next Fairbrae Tennis Turkey Cup.

2 teams has an equal number of players, and led by a team captain nominated by you when you sign up. Top 2 most nominated guys will be captains. Each team captain picks a player one at a time until all players are assigned a team. If there is an odd number, we will recruit 1 more to make it even.

Format will depend on how many players sign up. Captains will determine the format and who plays which line on what day.

For example, let’s say there are 20 players total. All 10 players on a team play at least 1 “match”.  Each match is 8 game pro set, ad scoring. This is pretty sure to finish in 2 hours and have some socialize while singles finish up their match.

D1 v D1 (2 players from each team)
D2 v D2 - (2 players from each team)
S1 v S1 - (1 player from each team)

D3 v D3 - (2 players from each team)
D4 v D4 - (2 players from each team)
S2 v S2 - (1 player from each team)

If there are 24 players, then we can eliminate S1 and S2 and have D5 and D6. Again, we can shorten or lengthen the format depending on number of players signed up.


Deucebags, captained by Jignesh Shah


I’d Hit That, captained by Victor Chang

WINNER: Deucebags



Thighs Before Pies, captained by Dirk Leone


Butterballs captained by Tracy Colwell

WINNER: Thighs before Pies