Welcome New Members From 2021- Present!

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We wanted to welcome all the new members from 2021 to the present to our club! We hope you are enjoying being a part of the, “Hidden Gem of Silicon Valley.” Welcome and we hope to see you at the Spring-A-Board BBQ & 60th Anniversary event on Sunday, June 5th.

Welcome new members  from 2021- Kunz family, Jann B.,  Schein family, Johnson family, Joyce & Ken Chan, Hernandez family, Wu family, Hanuschik family,  Ganesh family, Echt family,  Silberstein family, Sueptitz family,  Jasani-Gupta family, Ramesh family, Hayes family, Pal family, Lee family,  Cho family, Eng family, Ron B., Aggarwal family, Scafidi Polino family, Agarwal family, Mehta family, Ong family,  Kolak family, Rana family, Mumenthaler family, Givol family, Woodward family & Julie and Jon Lin.

Welcome new members of 2022 so far– Belvedere family, Gupta family, Ho family,  Granot family, Ngo family, Ridder family, Dam family, White family,  Jo family, Ramanathan family, Chittor family & Cherie and Derrek Jue.