What to Expect: Lap Swimming in the Rain

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While we are all hoping for a wet winter to help alleviate California’s wildfire threat, rainy weather also means a little bit more of a challenging environment for lap swimming.

Be assured that the pool does remain open in rainy conditions. Only thunderstorms threaten to close the pool down for any amount of time. In that case, the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes since the latest thunder strike.

For those brave enough to weather the elements, Fairbrae is working on re-opening our locker rooms (to the extent allowed by state and county) in order to alleviate some of the stress of wet belongings. Until then, and for those uncomfortable with locker room use, an ordinary trash bag is your key to keeping your things dry. Simply place your items in the bag, twist the top closed, and lay your bag on top of the twisted top to protect the opening. Swimmers have been using trash bags to great effect for years!

Stay warm, stay dry, and just keep swimming at Fairbrae!