September 17, 2020

Our pool is a limited resource. We continue to strive to accommodate as many swimmers and families as possible.  We ask that you be considerate of others in making your swim reservations.  

Family reservations and lap swim reservations are different systems with different links.

Reserve family swim at:

Reserve lap swim at:

These links are also at the top of the Fairbrae home page.

Family Lanes

Family lanes are for families with young children who would like to swim together. The capacity limit is six members of the same household.  Family reservation limits are per family, not per user or per account. At no time, should family swim users book more than one family swim lane at a time.   Our SaaS reservation system has limitations that may allow a family to circumvent this by using multiple accounts, but this is considered an abuse of the system which has been and still is expressly forbidden.  

Family reservations are limited to a certain number of reservations per week.  The limit may change over time based on demand trends.  Please see the family reservation page for the current number of family reservations allowed per week.

Additionally, family swim participants should not book additional lap swim lanes during their family swim time, unless one of the adults intends to swim for exercise in the lap lane.  In this case, please limit reservations to two total lanes in the pool per family at any one time.

Lap Swim Lanes

Lap lanes are for members who want to swim for exercise.  If a member is coming with young children, we ask that you please book a family lane.  If it is not possible because the family lanes are already booked, another option for families with young children is to put all family members in a single lap swim lane.  The diving well is also open for families to swim together.

Even if all family members are older kids/adults swimming laps, please do not take more than two lanes at any given time slot.  Please consider sharing your lanes with your family members. 

The lap lane reservation system allows swimmers to book up to four days ahead.  The fourth day opens sometime after midnight.  

Lap lanes are for a single swimmer, unless they are from the same household, in which case the maximum is six. 

Various combinations of family lanes and lap swim lanes may change depending on swim trends and demand.  Please check the lap and family swim reservation systems online for the latest updates.


We encourage members to delete reservations that they will not need as soon as possible. In any case, reservations should be canceled at least two hours prior to the reservation.   Those that repeatedly cancel at the last minute or are repeated no shows may have their reservations deleted.